Monday, 30 January 2012

Finding the perfect Green Holo

Hi there,

I've been looking for the perfect Green holo, and did not want to buy or make a franken, without experimenting first. Application was not great, as I was just experimenting. I applied Sinful Colors San Francisco on my index and ring finger & Essie's Pretty Edgy on my middle and pinkie. 

I then applied Holo Bomb (franken top coat) on my index and middle finger and BK Diamond Duet 10 on my ring and pinkie finger. 

Here's the results.

I actually like San Francisco with BK Diamond Duet the best. What do you guys think?

I hope you all enjoy and hopefully see you again soon.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Revlon Midnight Affair & Holo Bomb

Hi there,

I'm still trying to find the perfect dark blue holographic polish, so today, I'm bringing you my franken, Holo Bomb layered on top of Revlons Midnight Affair. 

First off, Revlon's Midnight Affair is a dark Navy, which a shimmer effect. The formula was really good, and was opaque in one coat. I applied 2 coats, out of habit. (I really need to embrace the fact polishes can be 1 coaters!)

Revlon Midnight Affair: 2 coats
Holo Bomb: 1 coat on index, ring & pinkie. 2 coats on middle finger

I kinda' messed up on the middle finger and had to apply 2 coats of Holo Bomb. It was way too holo, if thats even possible!?! I actually prefer the effect I had on my other fingers, with just the one coat. 

Next up a green holo combination. 

I hope you all enjoy and hopefully see you again soon.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Max Factor Mini nail polish Fantasy Fire (No 43)

Hi there,

I can not express how much trouble I went through to get this polish. I went around all the Boots on Oxford Street & Bond Street on Thursday & Saturday, but I don't think they even had it there. It did not help that the names of the polishes were not on the display, only the numbers. 

I then popped to my local Boots & Superdrug, and found them there! I was so cheesed off, but excited at the same time. And the displays were much better. They had all the colours in both stores. I was shocked!

Anyways, here it is over a few colours.

Index: Revlon Midnight Affair
Middle: W7 Black
Ring: Ramdom Blue
Pinkie: Suzi 

The photo does not do this polish any justice. It's more glittery IRL. I prefer Fantasy Fire over the Suzi Polish & the random blue polish.

What do you guys think?

I hope you all enjoy and hopefully see you again soon.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

China Glaze Ingrid & Stamping

Hi there,

Today I'm bringing you China Glaze's Ingrid. Ingrid is a creamy brown, with gold shimmers, which is noticeable in certain light. I don't normally go for browns, however I found this suited my complexion, and made my fingers look professional. Am I making any sense? :o| Formula & the application was good- find it's hit and miss sometimes with China Glaze.

I was going out on Saturday, and thought I allowed myself enough time (an hour) and thought my mani would dry on time, so used Miss Sporty Glossy Tech top coat. Boy was I wrong!!! I still managed to dent my mani, and kept staring at it all evening. Note to self: "Quick dry top coats only on nights out!"

So I covered it up, as soon as I got in with some stamping.

China Glaze Ingrid: 2 coats
Stamping: W7 Black
Miss Sporty Glossy Tech top coat
I stamped with a random fauxnad plate. What do you guys think?

I hope you all enjoy and hopefully see you again soon.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

My Franken- Holo Bomb

Hi there,

Today I'm bringing you my franken- Holo Bomb. For those who don't know what a franken polish is- it's a polish which one creates themselves. I've been lusting after OPI's DS Glamour, and wanted to see if I could create this. Fat chance! DS Glamour is a polish that is of it's own. Very unique, I would love to know a possible dupe for this polish. 

Anyways, here's what I've created. For the base colour I used China Glaze's First Mate, and added Miss Sporty Glossy Tech's Top coat, to see if this dulled the holo effect, but it didn't- luckily. I'm quite proud of my creation. :o)

Let me guys know what you think. Would like some feedback. 

China glaze First Mate: 1 coat
Holo Bomb: 2 coats
Miss Sporty Glossy Tech Top coat

I hope you all enjoy and hopefully see you again soon.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

L.A Colors Cactus

Hi there,

Today I'm bringing you L.A Colors Cactus. This polish was only 99p! I had heard so many great things about this polish. This polish has a purple base with khaki/mossy metallic glitter, it also has hints os blue and gold. Even after applying 2 coats, I still had a few bald spots. :o( 

L.A Colors Cactus: 2 coats

I did not add a top coat, hence the tip wear after a day. But for 99p I can't complain.

I hope you all enjoy and hopefully see you again soon.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

China Glaze First Mate

Hi there,

Today I'm bringing you China Glaze's First Mate. This came out in Spring 2011, in the Anchors Away collection. The application of this polish is amazing. I managed to get opacity with one coat. 

China Glaze First Mate: 1 coat

My camera didn't pick up the colour correctly on my index and middle finger. The colour is more accurate on my ring finger. I didn't add a top coat to this as the finish is quite glossy. 

I hope you all enjoy and hopefully see you again soon.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Hi there,

This is my LONG awaited haul post that I've been promising. This started in September 2011, and I just kept purchasing. I was supposed to do a post on my holiday haul but didn't get a chance to get that done, I was waiting for some things to arrive, so decided to do a long post instead.

Here goes,

Stargazer Chrome, Revlon Galaxy, L.A Colors Voodoo, Golden Treasure & Cactus,Kiko 255, Miss Sporty New Black, Planet Pink & Blueberry 

Marks & Spencer, Longwear Nail Lacquer- Rainbow x 2, 17 Magnetic Polishes Grey, green & Purple
Fashionista Magnetism 
All Fired Up Red &  Forever Blue  

Hong Kong Haul

Konad Special Polishes in White & Black
Gold & Silver Beads for Nail art
OPI Muppets mini's
OPI Roadhouse Blue's, Lincoln Park After Dark, Crown Me Already,
Honk If You Love OPI & Missha JBL01
OPI Stranger Tides, Skull & Glossbones, & Mermaids Tears
(I got these from a fellow blogger) Sorry we didn't have much sun when I took this photo, so rushed and the bottles are facing the wrong way. :o(
Konad Princess Stamping Polish Black Pearl & Blue Pearl

My Catherine Arley Polishes FINALLY arrived last Friday. More holo's to add to my stash.

670, 666, 673, 805, 667, 676
Barry M Purple Foil & Croc Effect crackle polish
OPI Fiercely Fiona, Nail Envy Original & Poshe Top Coat
China Glaze 2nite, LOL & Gussied Up Green
Essie Jangle Bangle, Cocktail Bling, Bobbing for Baubles,
Set in Stones, Shine of the Times, As Gold as it Gets
Phew, that's it then. Definitely on a no buy for a couple of months, unless, I see a good deal or at least until I go through my stash of polishes which I've just ogled at and not even opened yet. LOL

I hope you all enjoy and hopefully see you again soon.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Essie Mademoiselle

Hi there,

Today I'm bringing you Essie's Mademoiselle. I heard this was one of Essie's best selling polishes so decided to see what the hype was. In the bottle, I was like meh! what's the big fuss? Boy do I take that back! I LOVE everything about this polish, application was a bit dodgy at first, had streaking, but a second coat corrected this. But the colour- a milky pink is so elegant and sophisticated, I love how it made my hands look. I wore this two weekends in a row. Yeah, that's saying something, considering I'm trying to get through my stash of un-trieds. 

Essie Mademoiselle- 2 coats
Seche Vite Top Coat

Hope you guys enjoy and see you again soon. 

Saturday, 7 January 2012

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

Hi there,

Today I'm bringing you OPI'S Lincoln Park After Dark. This is a great polish for winter, even though it's been gorgeous in London, and we've had a bit of sun- which we rarely get in January. LPAD is a gorgeous vampy dark purple, it's such a deep purple, it almost looks black, in some lighting. Love the intrigued looks I get when I wear this polish.

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark: 2 coats
Seche Vite Top Coat
I hope you guys enjoy and see you again soon.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Color Club Revvvolution

Hi there,

Today I'm bringing you yet another holographic polish, Color Clubs Revvvolution. Revvvolution is supposed to be a gorgeous grey holographic polish, however I think I got a dud bottle. I heard there were a few versions of this polish, and hoped and prayed I didn't get the newer, not so holo bottle. Unfortunately, I did. These pictures were taken with a flash, under a lamp, and in natural lighting. As you can see, the holo effect is barely there. In natural lighting the holo effect is non existent. I did not apply a top coat, just to see what the effects will be. :o( I'm so bummed, my mission is now to find a grey super holo polish. Any suggestions? I really wish the UK have more holo polishes which are easily accessible. The majority of my holo stash has been acquired via ordering online, which makes the wait excruciating, have I mentioned, I'm super impatient? :o) 

This applied quiet well, and I could have gotten away with one coat, but as always, I applied 2 just to be on the safe side. 

Color Club Revvvolution: 2 coats

Hope you guys enjoy and see you again soon. 

Monday, 2 January 2012

China Glaze Innocence

Hi there,

Today I'm bringing you China Glaze's Innocence. Innocence is a gorgeous milky pink. It's quiet sheer, so application was quiet patchy. I tried to correct the streakiness and ended up applying 3 coats. So to get even coverage and for it to look half decent, the polish was totally opaque, and the polishes real beauty did not show. This would be a great polish for french tip, if only the application was a bit easier. I'm gonna give it a go soon. 

China Glaze Innocence: 3 coats
Seche Vite Top Coat

Hope you guys enjoy and see you again soon.