Monday, 7 November 2011

Marks & Spencers Rainbow


Hi there, 

Today 'm bringing you Mark's & Spencers Rainbow. I managed to FINALLY get hold of this polish. I've been lusting after it for 2 weeks, but kept forgetting to pop into Mark's. Luckily for me I forgot, as this at the moment, is buy 1 get 2nd for half price, so picked up 2 , as I didn't really need any of the other colours. I love this polish. It's super holo. I applied 2 thin coats without a top coat. I'll let the picture's do the rest of the talking.

Marks & Spencer Rainbow: 2 coats

Sorry for the photo spam. I tried to catch it in different angles, so the true gorgeous colours will show.

I hope you all enjoy and hopefully see you again soon.


  1. wow this is pretty! :) Very beautiful indeed.

  2. Can you believe it I never look around Marks and Spencers for beauty products. Got to take a look at this polish is beautiful

  3. Never hear of this one, it's pretty, it reminds me of Color Club Worth the Risque.

  4. Love this polish, should really pull mine out and wear it again!

  5. Wow didn't know Marks and Spencers had nail polish! It's a gorgeous colour!

  6. I had no idea M&S had such a nice holo! Wow, just great