Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Justification... Purple holo's

Hi there,

Today I'm bringing you a few polishes. I wanted to justify my stash of purple holo's. Justisfy to myself, that is. LOL. I noticed when I was doing my my holographic collection that I had a load of purples. 

Index: Color Club: Wild at Heart: 1 coat
Middle: NuBar: Treasure: 3 coats
Ring: Milani:Hi Res: 2 coats
Pinkie: OPI: DS Original: 3 coats
All were without top coat.

I think they're all very different. But I've got to admit, I could do with Nubar Treasure, as it not as holo as the rest, and it's quite similar in shade-but not as holo as DS Original. My favourite has to be Color Club's- Wild at Heart, then Milani's Hi Res, the OPI's  DS Original. The only reason DS Original was my least favourite is because it took 3 coats to look half decent! Maybe I'll try next time, I'll layer it with a purple base color, as this polish has an AMAZING holo! This was THE polish to get me into holo's in the first place, now I'm addicted! Reading my past posts, you'll think I had a vendetta with OPI, but I don't, honest. I have a few OPI's in my collection, and love each for it's amazing colours, but the wear of the polish can be a bit of a bum sometimes- unless I'm doing something wrong? 

I did not include Catherine Arley 673 and China Glaze's LOL, as they're quite dark, so may do a post comparing it to Wild at Heart soon. 

I hope you guys enjoy and see you again soon.

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