Tuesday, 24 January 2012

China Glaze Ingrid & Stamping

Hi there,

Today I'm bringing you China Glaze's Ingrid. Ingrid is a creamy brown, with gold shimmers, which is noticeable in certain light. I don't normally go for browns, however I found this suited my complexion, and made my fingers look professional. Am I making any sense? :o| Formula & the application was good- find it's hit and miss sometimes with China Glaze.

I was going out on Saturday, and thought I allowed myself enough time (an hour) and thought my mani would dry on time, so used Miss Sporty Glossy Tech top coat. Boy was I wrong!!! I still managed to dent my mani, and kept staring at it all evening. Note to self: "Quick dry top coats only on nights out!"

So I covered it up, as soon as I got in with some stamping.

China Glaze Ingrid: 2 coats
Stamping: W7 Black
Miss Sporty Glossy Tech top coat
I stamped with a random fauxnad plate. What do you guys think?

I hope you all enjoy and hopefully see you again soon.


  1. I love Ingrid! I've been meaning to get it for a while now but keep forgetting :P

  2. This is so cute! Great image with that brown. Loovee Ingrid!