Monday, 12 December 2011

BK Diamond Duet no 20

Hi there,

Today I'm bringing you BK Diamond Duet Nail polish in no 20. I just love this polish. (I got 10 bottles of this! I gave some to my sisters and cousin. LOL) Looking at the pictures, it looks as its a possible dupe for OPI's My Private Jet. I've haven't got the original version of MPJ, so can't do the comparison. I picked up the brown 1! :o( 

This too applied like a dream, and the brush size was perfect. I applied two coats, as I wanted it to be super opaque, however like no.10 I could have gotten away with 1 coat. I applied Seche Vite's top coat and still the holo effect was there, I was super impressed.

I had this on for a few days and got loads of compliments. I myself couldn't get over the gorgeous holographic colours and kept staring at my nails.

This is my favourite polish ever, no complaints with this polish. Loved everything about this. So glad I've got this polish in my collection.

BK Diamond Duet no 20: 2 Coats
Seche Vite Top Coat
Check out the holo yumminess!
Thought I'd add another pic, just to show you guys the pretty colours.

Ewww..... Please ignore my cuticles

What do you guys think?

I hope you all enjoy and hopefully see you again soon.


  1. WOW. i lovelovelove it! where can i find this??

  2. Can I be your sister or your cousin? It's gorgeous!

  3. Wow That is a great polish! I love the dark color behind the holo!

  4. awesome polish! this is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. SeeSarahswatch: I got this in Hong Kong.